On the 7 of may it was already the 5e liveshow.
The theme of this show was: songs from a movie.

The seven compatitors made it a big show, with dance etc.
In my opinion it wasn’t the best show but, after they all made their performence, it was clear to the jury that “The bad-boys” and “Daniëlle” had to do their act again. (the sing-off)

And this time it was also the meaning of the voting people.
And even when Danielle made the best sing-off, the jury choosed for the BadBoysz, so they
goes on to the next show.

I was a little disapointed by the performence of my favorite Dony. (the Micheline man) hahaha.
You also need a little luck that the theme will sute you.

For the next show i have a good feeling cz. the theme of the nex show will be a kind of easy-listening and
a live-bigband. So i look forward to it, and Dony is the man in that theme.

Anyway, just a few shows to go to the finale.

In my opinion Jaap, (he was the best in this show) Sumera and Dony are the 3 to come to the finale.
Good-luck to all!

Till the next show, bye, bye! 🙂

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X-Factor – IX


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