On the 14 of may it was 6e liveshow.
The show was a kind of easy-listening and a live-bigband.
Anyway, just a few shows to go to the finale.

In my opinion Jaap, (he was the best in the last show) Sumera and Dony are the 3 to come to the finale.

Anyway that was what i thought.
As i said i was looking forward to the 6e live-show to see and hear the last six compatiters with a real bigband.
And i must say it was a great show. All had to sing two songs.

In my opinion it wasn’t the show of Dony as i expected, but it was the show of Jaap and Maaike.
Sumera was also very good but she choose to sing “little” just her super voice her great looks, no background-vocals, gives me chickenskin.

So we all, including the jury were surprised that the voting from public people made clear that Kelvin and Sumera had less votes and had to do the sing off.
So after their second performence the jury to choose who to send home.

After heavy discussions the 4 members of the jury had to choose and send Sumera home. One said that she looks arrogant.
Never saw such an emotional show, and the discussion is still going on in the media and internet.

My conclusion is; that in the next competition only qualified people can vote, and not the stupid public who know nothing about music, and only look at show, dance etc.
For example; The Badboyz. They make a big show with dance etc, stupid clothes etc. etc.
But they are very very bad singers.
They will do good in a circus. grrr… i’m angry! 🙁
So i think it’s a shame that they are still in the show, and the very best singer (Sumera) is out of the show.

Anyway, next friday (21e May) we go on with 5.

Till the next show, have a good time! 🙂

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