Today 8e June is the day that the first new herring is for sale.

It’s an old dutch tradition to make party of this and thus there are Herring-Party’s all over the country.
We dutch seems to be obsessed with the seasons first herring called: Hollanse Nieuwe.
The arrival of this sippery treat is usually front-page news here.
You can say that herring is a bit of a Dutch culinary icon.

It’s a tradition for many many years. There is even a saying here that Amsterdam was built on herringbones.
Historians think that the dutch were king of the world-seas in the 17e century, because the dutch sailors were fed on herring.
Herring is an exellent source of protein an omega fatty acids.

The Golden Adge of Holland is at least for a part, based on this silvery-blue fish.

Herring may only be called “Hollandse Nieuwe” if it was caught between may and July, contains at leHaring 01ast 16% fat and is prepared according the dutch tradition.

The way we (the dutch) eat their herring is also very unique.
They serve it with chopped raw onions and sliced gherkins.
The idea is that you grab the herring by its tail, dip it in the onions, throw your head back and down the hatch it goes. …..

Eet smakelijk.

Hollandse Nieuwe (Dutch New Herring)


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