In these articles i will inform you about the competition World Championship in South Africa.
My prognoses, evaluation, but all seen from an orange glasses.
Finaly it will lead us (the dutch team) to the finale on 11e juli.

So i will give you the latest and most secret information about our team.
I also will inform you about South Africa. Did you know that in South Africa they speak a special kind of dutch ? It’s because of our history as sailers.
That’s why there are alot of cities with dutch names.
Tell you more about it later. ( we have a month) and if you have questions ?
Just comment and i will try to find the answer.

I also will give you information about the dutch selection.

As you know, most of the dutch team plays in the best european competitions, and its up to our coach ( Bert van Marwijk) to make it also the best team.

It’s good to know that in the qualifying we never loose. So, South Africa here we come.

Holland plays the first match on monday 14e june in Johannesburg against Danmark.
The other compatitors in our poule (poule-E) are; Danmark, Japan and Kameroen.
So no problem to win this poule.

And today 11e june it starts with the opening-mach at 16.00 (dutch-time) South Africa against Mexico, soccer-city stadion in Johannesburg.
And at 20.30 (dutch-time) Uruquay against France, green point stadion in Capetown.

In mine opinion Mexico has a better team than South Africa, but as they play in their homeland i think it will be a draw.
The second match of today; I’m sure that France will beat Uruquay.

Anyway, wait and see. I will write about these matches later, and…….. the latest news about our dutch team.
Ok ok one secret, since yesterday the coach (Bert van Marwijk) forbit the players to use Twitter !!!


W.C. Football South Africa: 01


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