Exact at 16.00 The first match between South Africa and Mexico started.

I was surprised about how the south-africans played, and by the first
goal they made 1-0. But only because the south africans have a nervous keeper, the mexicans had the chance to score, and so they did 1-1.

Remarcable was the enormes sound from the people in the stadion.
It’s a kind of tradition there to blow on a big tooter (Vuvuzela) sounds like thouthends elephants or millions of bugs. Hahaha.
Anyway a draw, as i expected.

20.30 The second match starts in Cape-Town between Uruquay and France.
At half-time it’s still 0-0 , but, in my opinion the France play better, so i’m curiouse what will happend in the second half.

Nothing more happends, and in fact the best chance to score was for Uruquay.
So finally i thing both will be happy with the 0-0.

If you allow me, i want to go back to yesterday. cz. yesterday the whole dutch team was present at the officiall opening of a “Cruyff-Court” in Hillbrow (Johannesburg).

No need to tell you that Cruyff was the best footballplayer we ever had and the Cruyff-Courts are playgrounds for football, and you will find them all over the world payed by the Cruyff foundation.

The courts are placed in poor area’s, with the idea that sport bring people together, and keep them from doing bad things.
Anyway this court in Hillbrow is payed only by the dutch players.

They were there at the opening and after they played with the locals.

Well, looking forward, tomorrow there are three matches on the programm.

Argentinië against Nigeria In Johannesburg, South-Korea against Greece in Port Elisabeth and England against USA in Rustenburg.

I expect that Argenina  will beat Nigeria, South-Korea will beat Greece and England will be to strong for USA.

Anyway interesting games tomorrow. And new information about the dutch team !

Later! 😉

W.C. Football South Africa: 02


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