15 june was already the 5e day of this W.C. and till now is not breathtaking.
Only Germany made a good game and made 4 goals.

In rest 1-1 , 1-0 and 2-0. Criticy here say that the ball is to blame.
Many of the goals were made cz. of faults by the goalkeeper and they defend themselfs saying that the ball makes a strange curve.
Anyway, like always, i think the truth will be in the middle.

Ysday were again 3 matche: started at 14.30 (R.T.) with Slovakia agains New-Zeeland.
Everyone expected that Slovakia will beat New-Zeeland, but after 90 min.
It was just 1-0 and in the last seconds of the game New-Zeeland made a goal.
1-1 that was the first surprise of today! 🙂

At 17.00 (R.T.) Ivory-Coast start their game against Portugal, and ofcourse Portugal was the favorit.
Both teams made a good play, but no goals, so again a draw.

At 21.30 (R.T.) the last game of today started in Ellis Park Stadion in Johannesburg.
Brazil (the big favorit by all the bookmakers) had to play against North-Korea.
So the whole world looked forward to see many goals, but no way, at half-time it was still 0-0.

The Koreans built a red-wall in front of their goal and the brazil player couldn’t make a hole in it.
In the second half Brazil opens the score and a few minutes later again, 2-0.
Short before the end North-Korea also made a nice goal.
So 2-1 of course 3 points for Brazil, but favorit for the title ??

The programm. for today:
On paper all interesting games.

Honduras against Chili, at 14.30 in Mbobela Stadion in Nelspruit
Spain against Switzerland at 17.00 in Durban stadion in Durban.
And, the homeland South-Africa plays their second game against Uruquay at 21.30 in Loftus Stadion in Pretoria.

My prognose:
I think that Honduras-Chili will be a draw.
Spain will beat Switzerland and i hope that South-Africa will win.

Will know more after later. 🙂

W.C. Football South Africa: 07


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