Day 6 of this championship had again a few big surprises.
Who could ever think that Spain, Favorit by all the bookmakers, lost their first game from Switzerland?!

Yes nobody, but it happends.

Again a bad game, it was obvious that Spain didn’t want to loose and Switzerland (the underdog) had nothing to loose.

The game between Honduras and Chili was on paper not interesting but they made it a good and attractive match, and i thought that it will be a draw, but finally Chili made a good goal and won.

There are still many discussions about the new Adidas ball, especially by the keepers, and in a way it looks like they are right, cz. in this championship the “faults” by the keepers have a big impact.

21.30 Loftus Stadion in Pretoria, the second game of South-Africa against Uruquay.
All south africans took their biggest vuvuzela to the stadion and blow their longs out, but…………that wasn’t enought, cz. at half-time Uruquay leads with 1-0.

In the second half South-Africa worked hard, fight like a lion with help from thouthends of alifants in the stadion, but in spite of that Uruquay made the second goal, and in the last second of the game another goal. So, 3-0.
That means that in the last game in their poule South Africa must beat France, or they are out of competition.

Next day:
14.30 Argentia – South Korea , Soccercity-stadion in Johannesburg
17.00 Greece – Nigeria, Freestate-stadion in Bloemfontein
21.30 France – Mexico, Peter mokaba-stadion in Polokwane

In my opinion all games with a potentional winner.
So South Korea isn’t a problem for Argentina, and Greece isn’t a problem for Nigeria.
France and Mexico will be diffecult, so i think that will be a draw.


World Cup Football South Africa: 08


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