Sunday 20e June: On the programm are 3 games, and all nice and attractive on paper, so i installed myself in front of the tv screen.

At 14.30 Slowakia-Paraguay, and this time i saw a real nice and attractive game.
The first chance on a goal was to Paraguay.
Paraguay was the better team, and in the 27e minute they opens the score with a great goal (made by Vera) 0-1.
After that goal Slowakia had the best chances, but no more goals,so at halftime still 0-1. In the second half Paraguay started a big offensive and finally, in the 86e minute they made the 0-2.

So with that nice game in mind, at 17.00 start to watch the game Italy – Newzeeland. On paper no problem to Italy, but after 7 minutes Newzeeland opend the score, 0-1.
The Italiën were lucky that the referee gave a penalty to italy, 1-1.
In the secons half Newzeeland servived, so it was a big surprise.
Sadness in Italy (the W.C of 2006) and Party in Newzeeland.
Italy must fear elimination. So they must win their last game in this poule on thursday 24e against Slowakia.

The last game was Brazil – Ivorycoast.
Brazil was the favorit. They played the best game of this competition and won with 3-0.

On monday 21e June, a day for the real lovers of football cz. two of the favorit teams: Spain and Potugal; both had a bad start of this competition. Spain lost their first game from Switzerland with 1-0, and Portugal
started with a draw against Ivorycoast 0-0. So both must win to stay in the race for the nex round.

At 14.30 Portugal – North Korea begin in Cape-Town.
North Korea lost already their first game from Brazil and this time it was clear that they are far from the
level of this competition. Portugal made a real show of this game, and finally they won with 7-0 !!

The seacon game started at 17.00 in Port-Elisabeth Chili-Switzerland. It wasn’t a good or exiting game.
But, as expected Chili won this game. 1-0.

The last game at 21.30 in Johannesburg was again a nice game Spain – Honduras. Spain did what they had
to do to stay in the race and won with 2-0.

The program for Thuesday 22e of June:
It is the day of the last (the 3e) games in poule A and B So after these games we know who goes to the next round (the 1/8 finale) .
In poule A: Mexico-Uruguay and France-SouthAfrica both games start at 17.00.
In poule B: Nigeria-SouthKorea and Greece-Argentina both games start at 21.30.

More Later.

World Cup Football South Africa: 11


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