Thuesday, 22e June

The exit of France and South Africa from this World Cup.
France played a bad game against South Africa and it was deserved that they beat France 2-1.
In the same poule Mexico lost from Uruguay 0-1. So in spite of their victory on France South Africa is out of competition.
So in Poule A, Uruguay and Mexico will goes to the 1/8 finale.

In poule B Greece played against Argentina, and even Argentina played good, it was easy to beat Greece 2-0.
In the same poule Nigeria played against South-Korea. Nigeria was lucky and at the end it was 2-2.
So in poule B Agentina and South-Korea goes to the 1/8 finale.

Wednesday, 23e June.
The day of the last games in poule C and D.
At 21.30 the games started.
Ghana – Germany was a nice game to look at, even when the German team wasn’ton their best. Ghana had a few chances in the first half, but at half-time still 0-0.
In the second half the German team played faster and finally they made the 0-1 and were safe for the next round.

The other game between Australia and Servia ended in 2-1, so Ghana and Germany are in the next round (1/8 finale).

Thursday 24e June Holland will play the last game of the poule (E) they are already safe, but the coach (van Marwijk) said that he will play with the best team against Kameroen.
Wednesday they arrived already in Cape Town. They will make it a relexed day with a trip to a vineyard “buitenverwachting”.
The weather in Cape-Town will be ok (about 20 dgr.C. at the start of the game 21.30).

The other games on thursday 24e June are:
Danmark – Japan poule E at 21.30 in Rustenburg
Slowakia – Italy poule F at 17.00 in Johannesburg
Paraguay – Newzeeland poule F at 17.00 in Polokwane.

More later.

World Cup Football South Africa: 12


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