Thursday 24e June,
The final games in poule E an F.

Poule F: At 17.00 Slowakia – Italy and Newzeeland – Paraguay.
The biggest surprise in this poule is that Slowakia beats Italy 3-2 and that means that Slowakia is going to the 1/8 finale and Italy can pack their bags.
Newzeeland – Paraguay ended in a draw 0-0.
So in poule F Paraguay and Slowakia goes to the 1/8 finale.

In poule E: At 21.30 the Japanees beat Danmark with 3-1 in an exciting game, but the Japanees go on to the 1/8 finale Holland also played the last game in poule E against Kameroen.Olanda
Again Holland played with the breaks on, but they won again 2-1.

So the maximum result, 9 points in 3 games in the 1-8 finale they have to play against number two of poule F
From the 1/8 finale is just one game and you have to win to go on.
Holland plays the first game on Monday 28e June at 17.00 in Durban.

Friday 25e June the last games in poule G and H.
So after these games we know the 16 countries and their play/shedule for the 1-8 finale.

In poule G:
Portugal – Brazil and North Korea – Yvorycoast
In poule H:
Switzerland – Honduras and Chili – Spain
Brazil – Portugal was a boring game, both favorits didn’t want to loose, so 0-0
In the same poule Yvorycoast was much to strong for N-Korea.

Switzerland and Honduras both had no chance to go on to the next round and made it a draw 0-0.
Chili – Spain was a great game to look at. If spain loose the game they were out of competition. Finally Spain won with 2-1 and both go on to the 1/8 finale.

Starting from Saterday 26e June every day two games.terenuri

On 2e and 3e July the 4 games in the 1/4 finale

On 6e and 7e July the 2 games in the 1/2 finale

The finale is on 11e July at 21.30

The shedule for the 1/8 finale:
Saterday 26e at 17.00 in Port Elisabeth Uruguay – SouthKorea
Saterday 26e at 21.30 in Rustenburg USA – Ghana
Sunday 27e at 17.00 in Bloemfontein Germany – England
Sunday 27e at 21.30 in Johannesburg Argentina – Mexico
Monday 28e at 17.00 in Durban Holland – Slowakia
Monday 28e at 21.30 in Johannesburg Brazil – Chili
Thuesday 29e at 17.00 in Pretoria Paraguay – Japan
Thuesday 29e at 21.30 in Cape-Town Spain – Portugal

Now the Knock-Out system starts ! Just one game!

More later!

World Cup Football South Africa: 13


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