Saterday, 26e June The first day of the 1/8 finales from now on we play the knock-out system, so we
have high expectations, cz. if you loose it’s over and out.
At 17.00 in Port Elisabeth Uruguay- South Korea.
It was the best play we saw since the start of this W.C.

Uruguay started strong and already after 8 minutes they opened the score, a goal by Suarez ( he plays in the dutch competition with Ajax).
At half-time it was still 1-0, but Koerea started an offencive and in the 67e minute they had succes. 1-1. From that moment the game was open and finally in the 80e minute again Suarez made the 2-1
So Uruguay is the first who goes to the 1/4 finale.

At 21.30 The second game USA-Ghana started in Rustenburg.
In the first halve Ghana played very good and aggressive and it was logic that Ghana opened the score 0-1. The second halve was completely different and USA made the 1-1.
Finally it was Ghana who was most lucky and won 1-2.

So Ghana is the second team that goes to the 1/4 finale.

Sunday, 27e June:

At 17.00 The big match between two rivales Germany – England.
From the begin it was clear that both want a quick goal.
It was Germany that opens the score 1-0 and not much later again 2-0.

Than England was awake and made a great goal 2-1 .
Than a crucial incedent took place, England made a goal, milions saw that it was a goal, exept the referee!! Unbelievable that when all the camera’s (32) registrate it, one person can say; no goal.
So, not 2-2 but still 2-1. It was clear that England was upset and the Germans smell their chance and made 3-1 and 4-1, so bye bey England.

At 2130 again a very interesting game. Agentina – Mexico.
Again the team of coach Maradonna didn’t play to well but good enough to beat Mexico 3-1.
So exit for Mexico.

But in the 1/4 finale they have to show what they realy can cz. than they have to play against Germany !!!

More later.

World Cup Football South Africa: 14


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