As promised Holland won the 1/2 finale.
Big Orange party’s all over the country, people jumpen in fontains, claxons from cars.
Anyway, since 32 years we are back to play the finale, and we are better than ever.

Question is, who will be the other tem in the finale ?


Germany or Spain ?

07 Juli they played their 1/2 finale and from the begin it was clear that Spain had the best papers.

In the second half they made the only goal of the match: 0-1.

So the big Finale will be Holland – Spain, a great affiche, but ofcourse we have to play first.

Radio, Television, Papers etc. etc. It’s all about sunday-evening.

Anyway, whatever happends sunday, they already planned a big fest in Amsterdam with a tour at the canals, a

visit at the queen etc.
Ofcourse we will win the finale, it won’t be easy cz. the team from Spain is almost 60% Barcelona.

But we are 100% Orange!!!!!!

100% Orange


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