Last week i made a big job, cutting the firethorns.
Last week and this weekend planned to finish cutting all the buxus hedges.

To clean from all this cutting i use an old wheel barrow, to bring all the waste to the compost-place.1

And just today on a hot day a few branches of te firethorns hide in the peavement and wait the wheel to prick their deadly thorn in the tyre; sssssssss and today it happend twice.

So work to do !

First have to get the wheel from the barrow, remove the tyre and the tube, pump it and find the leak. Well that wasn’t such a problem cz. the thorns are easy to find.2

Ok. after that i mark and sand the tube, before i glue it and put a sticker on it.

After i checked i put the tube back and pump it again, mount the wheel and,………ready
And all this twice, while it’s 30 dgr. C. pfffffffffff.

The Revenge of the Firethorns


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