We all know that feeling, after a summer-sunday no matter what you did, sports, beach, gardening
we all want an easy and yammy summer sunday Dinner.

I’ll show you how. All you need is chicken, salad and potatoes.

A little salt, paprikapowder, currypowder and soja-oil on the chicken Garlic in little pieces.
A pan with hot butter and you can start to bake gold-brown on both sides in max 5 minutes.

Take them out and put them in an oven-pan covered with alu and put it in the oven (max. 100 dgr.C.)
You can leave it in the oven for as long as you need to prepare the potatoes and the salad. So, don’t forget…it’s summer sunday and we take it easy.

Anyway, boil the potatoes for max. 10 minutes with a little salt.
Cut them in pieces, put curry and paprika on it, and bake them on a low fire in butter, pfffffffff!

So no we have rest, and time o prepare the salad, you can put many kinds of vegetables in the salad.
I had red onion, tomatoes, garlic, and cucumber.
Mix it with the greensalad a little olive oil and dressing to complete.
And the salad is ready too.

Take a big plate, put the salad on it and than the potatoes, take care to have room left for the chicken and you can start your Summer Sunday Dinner.

Is nice with a cold glass Rosé.

Eet smakelijk!

cina duminica

Summer Sunday Dinner


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