This time of the season you expect to sit on the terrasse when you come back home after a hard-days work and drink a cool beer with some snacks or just a salad.

But today is different, no sun, cold, grey and wind from the North.
So i went to the supermarket to find something easy to make, cz, not in the mood to spend much time in
the kitchen.

Bought Two slices of turkey-breast, strawberries and cream.ready
The idea was to bake the turkey in the Grill-pan with crispy bacon (had in the fridge) also found salad and pommes-frites so i put herbs on the turkey and baked it.
Also baked the pommes frites.
Put it on a plate, opened a bottle bordeaux (houte Medoc 1998). And ready.
As dessert i washed and cut the strawberries, two boules ice and cream, mmmmmmmm.
Anyway this is how you can give a little summer idea on a autumn-day. 🙂

Bon apetite! 🙂

What to eat on an autumn-night?


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