Groentesoep met gehaktballatjes

The ingrediënts you need:

250 gr. Minced Beef, 300 gr. Soup Beef, 700 gr. Vegetables (fresh), 1 table spoon Parsley, 10 peppercorns (black), 1 thea spoon Thyme, 15 gr. Salt, 500 gr. Shank (from cow), 2 Biscuits, 2 pieces Mace, 2 Bay leaves.

To prepare:

Put 2 ltr. cold-water in a pan and put the Shank, the Soupbeef and salt in it and heat it for at least 3 hours (Vegetable Soup with Meatballsnot boiling) and skim it off from time to time.
After that put in the peppercorns, thyme, mace, bay-leaves and half of the vegetables in it, and let it heat again for one hour.
After that you have to clear the boulion ( use a clean tea-towel in a colander).
Than heat it again and put the other half of the vegetables in it, in the meanwhile mix the minced-beef, the cut parsley, salt, pepper and biscuit (in crumbs) and make little balls of it.
Put them in the soup for 10 minutes and…………ready.

Serve it with fresh white bread!

Bon appétite!

by @MarcoVdBergh
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