Deseori ne laudam cu prietenii.

Suntem inconjurati de multi oameni.

Mergem la peste, ne dam pe gheata, facem gratar si avem cui ne lauda cu noile achizitii.
Tragem cum putem pentru o imagine pe care sigur o dorim de fapt realitate.

Suntem insa singuri mereu.
La nevoie, prietenii te lasa.

In ultima vreme a trebuit sa ma descurc in niste situatii noi, stresante. Totul s-a aglomerat, iar singura mi-ar fi fost tare greu, daca nu imposibil sa le rezolv.
Viata mea s-a schimbat.

Din multimea de prieteni au mai ramas cativa. Degetele de la mana imi sunt de ajuns ca sa ii numar.
Dar nu am sa o fac, deoarece calitatea primeaza cantitatii.

Multumesc pentru sprijin, pentru intelegere si sinceritate.

Nimeni nu e singur pe pamant.
Cineva in grija Lui il are.
Nici cei singuri, singuri nu mai sunt,
Daca are umbra fiecare.

Povestea merge mai departe cu speranta! 🙂

Nimeni nu e singur pe pamant


2 thoughts on “Nimeni nu e singur pe pamant

  • 25/10/2010 at 11:22 AM

    before you can become friends it takes some time
    You can’t call everyone your friend.
    Alot of people we just know and met in life, but just a few of them become friends.
    The moment you find a friend, it means a kind of relation, an engagement.

    Is is not that friendship have to come from both sides ?
    Sincere interest to each others lives ?
    Sharing the good and the bad things ?
    Alow each other the chance to be happy ?
    A listening ear? even though you have no real connection to the story.
    That the story doesn’t reflects your life,
    that it should not belong to a friend.

    As a friend you must still support each other,
    cz. real friendship is worthwhile to live for.
    To support and make yourself subordinate
    as long as there is trust.

    So it’s self-evident that there are not many of these real-friends.
    You have to be glad to have even one.
    It’s impossible to have more of them, than the fingers of one hand.
    So be glad when you have a few and take good care of them.

    Support, Understanding and Sincerity.

  • 15/11/2010 at 2:17 PM

    Singurătatea e o stare de spirit. E o alegere. Uneori scut împotriva a tot ce înseamnă extern nouă.


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