It’s 2010 and i listen the voices of people from before i was born.
Living voices of meanwhile dead people.
This way i made a step back in the time, in my own room.
But noone is calling me. “Marco are you there ? – over”

Last, i found a cassettetape, showing again a voice from the past.
A boy of about eight years had recorded himself, i was touched when i heard myself.


My self, sparkling with enthusiasm and endless talking.

The laugh, high and loud. A laugh at the future I can still learn a lot from him, i thought.

About me; I opened this article with the word “over” it should be a link, as an answer from the past,

but the moment i try to catch myself in words it looks like i fight back to free myself.

Anyway, that’s not me.

I can’t tell you who i am, you can do it better.

I do not want to show you what i do, i just want you to look after me.

My life deserves a reporter.

“Over” and out.

Can you hear me ? “over”


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