Last night when i was in bed with a cold,i had all the time to think about my intentions in the new-year.

And because it’s best to learn from your own mistakes, i played the movie of last year in my head.
The red-line in that movie was that i often jump into conclusions and give my opinion from an impuls
without a second thought or something.

I will call it “irreparable improves”.
The thrill of the deferred understanding.
For example when i’m in a meeting to present an idea after month of thinking and hard working.
Anyway for me it was hard to accept any comment.

Now i realize that some of the comment was not ment to insult me.
I think we all recognizes this. You just don’t understand all but you feel that it’s good.
But the term comes later (if you give it a chance).

Every time reading or listening you hear something new that makes me understand and appreciate more of it.

Irreparable Improves


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