Holland is my country, i live here, i work here and i respect my people.
Did you know this about Holland?

  • we have 15.000 km cycle-tracks
  • almost every dutchman have a bike ( 16.000.000)
  • most of the dutchmen speak two-three foreign languages
  • one of three is an active member of a sport-club
  • there are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam
  • 40% of Holland is below sealevel
  • we live with 480 persons on every km²
  • we have over 1000 working old wind-mils
  • 30% of the baby’s are born at home
  • our highest “mountain” is 323 mtr.
  • in Amsterdam and Rotterdam live more than 200 nationalities
  • we are the longest people in Europe
  • our language is always spoken in Belgium, the north of Frans,

Suriname, Curacau and Aruba.

  • there are almost 1000 museums ( 42 in Amsterdam)
  • we eat raw-fish (haring) with onion
  • we have the highest caffé consumption of the world

Did you know this about Holland?


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