Bzzzzz. bzzzzzzzz!

Hm. the doorbell??!!
Woke me up from sweet dreams about playing rabbits in the garden.

Yeeees i’m coming!
Hey, what a surprise. How you’r doing ?

We heard from friends who visit you last week that you have a special recepy to bake rabbit, so here we are.
We bring you 4 nice leggs. Take your time, we have all day, hahahaha.

Oups there goes my quiet day. 😀
But at the other hand, i like it too.
So i went to the cellar to keep them quiet with a bottle of wine, light the fire-place and went in the kitchen to prepare the rabbit.

Put salt and pepper on the rabbit leggs and baked them a few minutes.
Than put them in an ovendish with my secret herbs.
Went back to the living to see if there was still some of the wine left and i was lucky. put wine (red Bordeaux) on it, covered the dish with aluminium folie and put it in the oven for a few hours.

Pffffff. time to take care of my visiters. Took a new bottle wine out of the cellar and filled the glasses.
It was cosy, the smell of wine and the fire, a good talk and good music.
And after a few glasses i took my guitar and we had big fun.

We almost forgot the rabbit in the oven. 😀
But the great smell from the kitchen remind me about the reason they came.
So time to arrange the plates and to go at the table in the dining room.

Mmmmmm. Later we went back in the living and had caffé.
It was late when i continue my dream about the playing rabbits in the garden.

Rabbit legs and herbs


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