Valentines-day, a day to celebrate and to surprise the one we love.
But,… from where it comes?

There are many stories about the origin of Valentines-day, but just one is the truth.

The source of valentines-day brings us back to the 3e century.
To a priest, who lived in Rome. His name: Valentinus.
He was wellknowen about his welfare-work for seack and poor people.

One day he cured a blind girl, this girl was the daughter of Asterius, the stadtholder of Rome.
Asterius was very thankfull and he convert to the Christianity,and he also released all the Christians who were in prison cz. of their religion.

But,…the empire Claudius II disagree with that and arrested Valentinus.
He was executed on 14e februari 270.
Later, he was rehabilitated by the church and made him Saint-Valentine and thus 14e februari became a day of celebration.

Especially in England this celebration starts to be tradition as an opportunity to show your love to someone in a anonymous way.
Cz. in that time it wasn’t usual to show your love to someone in open.

So, on the 14e februari is the exception. And you can surprise your love without ristrictions by sending letters or presents.

The last 10-20 years it became a big commercial event, started from the USA and now Valentines-day is a day that we just give presents to our love.

I my opinon Valentines-day lost the real meaning, cz. now we lost the change to surprise the one we love in the traditional anonymous way.
We lost the excitement and mistery.



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