Hello, it’s me
How are you ?

We are out for shopping and on our way home we will visit you.
Ahhh, that nice!

If it’s possible we will stay till tonight, so maybe we can eat a little before we go home.
Yes, yes, is no problem. I will fix some.
So see you in one hour.

Pffffffffff. Now i have to run to the supermarket to get something yammy and simple.
So, let me think……………………..

Yes,  will make a light bouilion and bake scampies. Have also scrimps and salmon in the fridge so will be ok.
Need to make garlic butter and have to bake some bread.

Ai, ai, wine. Need a nice white wine. Run run to the cellar (still 50 minutes to go)!
Yes, i found a great Cote du Rhone-1996.

Need to change clothes ? No time…need to run.

Take the car? Noooooooo, can’t park, pfffff. Will take the bike? Good idea!

Finally back in the kichen, finished the bouilion, salmonrolls and the scrimps.
(still 5 min. left) Run upstairs to change clothes.


Hello, we are a bit later!
Ok, is no problem (grrrrrrrrr.)

Scampies with scrimps and salmonrolls


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