I want to tell you about kissing in Holland and especially about the Welcome-Kiss.
Of course we also have the Love-Kiss, but i don’t think there will be a big difference in Love-kissing all over the world.
It’s an important part in making love. 😉

The Welcome-Kiss is part of a ritual when we meet or say goodbye.
The way how we welcome eachother is from many years ago and depends of culture.

For example, here we also shake hands. In USA they don’t but say “hi” and in Japan they make
a bow. In former days when you met someone who was higher in rank, for example a king, we
had to kiss just their foot and when was less high in rank we kissed just the hand.
Only when you were equal we kissed the cheek.
Anyway these days in Holland we kiss three times.

This way of welcome-kiss is just 50 years old and comes from the province “Brabant” in the
south of Holland.
That’s why we call it here a “Brabantse Drieklapper”.

Dutch kiss

Dutch kiss – Brabantse Drieklapper


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