Thursday-morning on the road near the industrial area of Moerdijk.
Lots of traffic, cold and a little fresh snow on the asphalt.

Than,  suddenly it’s start to hail and frozen rain, and in no-time all is white and covered with ice.
In a split second i realize to take the next exit. So far so good.
All cars on the road drove very slowly and yes, there is the exit.
I turned the wheel to the right, but…..nothing happends , the van goes straight on.masina
In front of me all red lights from the breaks, so no choice i had to use the breaks too.
But…again nothing happends. The van took over my controll and decide to make a stop on the bumper of a big trailer in front of me.
After i realized what happend i get out and couldn’t stand on my feet.
The road changed in a big skating-rink.
Anyway most of the cars were lucky that the speed was low.
So the demage wasn’t very big. I have only a buts in my bumper at the front.
We changed the assurance papers and next week it will be fixed.

Slippery thursday‏


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