I think we all know or recognize this.
You are careful or just interested in others and can’t understand that the other thinks it’s just curiosity and
feels it as a burden, as not wanted interference in life.

So what can you do about it ? No more questions ?
Who has the answer ?
I thought and read about that dilemma and in mainpoint the answers are:

1. You just must have the courage to ask everything you want to know.
2. You must have big confidence in yourself, that what you do is right.
3. Never change your meaning cz. of negative reactions.

Anyway, for me noone of these fits.
For me it’s not just curiosity that pushes me to discover new things and the will to understand people who are close to me, even i do it often with shaking knees.
I just want to know what i don’t know yet.
Maybe what i can’t or even isn’t alowed.
It’s not based on curiosity, I think that noone can stop my hunger to knowledge, interest and carefull.
People have to make choices in life about who or what to take care about.

I also realise that sometimes it brings me in stupid situations and people don’t like me. Incomprehension, sorrow, anger, despair. I know them all.
But the last thing i want to achieve is that people hate me.grija si stres
It’s hard to explain that i, when it concerns people, i’m not curious, but have an honest interest in people.

At the others hand, when you don’t ask, people can think that you don’t care or that you are not interested in what happend.
Of course we also have our right on privacy.
Whether there are certain circumstances whitch would rather not talk about.
Maybe it’s best to accept the way things goes and not too much thinking, as long as the other person will understand.
Anyway, who has the answer?

Sursa foto.

Curiosity, interested, careful or……


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