Finally we had here in Holland a few weeks of cold winter-weather.

In any case long and cold enough to organize a number of traditional tours on skates.

So at the weekend of 11 febr. it was safe and also the last chance for skating on natural ice.

I choose to take the Molentocht (Mill tour).
It was already 3 years ago that this event could be held.
The tour goes through the villages and the polder of the “Alblasserwaard” (a polder at the south of Rotterdam).
The tour goes also along the world-famous wimdmills of “Kinderdijk”.

The distance to skate were 25. 50 or 75 km.
I chose the 50 km. And believe me that was more than enough, cz. the condition of the ice wasn’t good.

In the “Molentocht” working 13 local iceclubs together.

Molentocht route
Molentocht route

Each club is responsible for a part of the route so that reliable routes can be plotted.
Along the route are many stands where you can buy traditional drinks and food, like erwtensoep (pee-soup) and punch (like glühwine) or just caffé or thea.

This tour has a rich history. The first tour was already held in 1917.
About 25.000 people from all over the country were on the ice to make that tour and i am glad and proud i could be one of them.

Traditional dutch skating event


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