Have you ever walked into a big shop where they only sell menswear?
And full of men?
How you think you will feell???
Right, you don’t know, cz. you never did.
But what to do if you have a boyfriend? And you want to surprise him?

Yes than you must enter, put your brain on zero, and act if it’s something you do everyday.
Well, i can tell you that it is different.

Cz. i wanted to buy something nice and speciall for my friend, and took all my courage together when i was in the centre of Rotterdam and saw the display-windows of a big store at the Coolsingel.

The name of the store is “de Bijenkorf” (Beehive).
Anyway when i entered the ladies-department i didn’t know where and how to look.
Hundreds of square-meters full of the most beautiful clothes and assesoires.

I was afraid that people will ask me what i want or so, and if i need help, but it seems that in shops like this they don’t, and they let you in peace and only help if you ask for it.

So that was a great relieve. And to be honest the gêne i had before and the uncomfortable feeling i had makes place for a feeling i never had, and after about 15 minutes i started to like it, thanks to the nice things i saw and the presentation.

After 30 minutes i even forgot that i was the only man there.
After i made my choise i went to one of the friendly ladies and they made a nice package of it.

You see, there is a first time for everything, and it’s never as bad as you think.
So, next time i want to spoil my friend, i’ll go back with an open mind, and i’m sure that i’ll come back wi

th beautiful clothes and accsesoires.

Marco (26.03.2009 00:03:31): pfffffffffff, i don’t know if i dare to buy lingerie

My lady-shopping activities


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