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Before i’ll go on with information and advices about gardening, i would like to introduce you to my garden, because all i tell you about green-keeping is based on my experiences here.

In Holland we have almost the most people per of all countries in the world, about 450 ppl/ (km2).
So you understand that i’m lucky to have a garden from about 5000 (M2)
To keep it nice in summer and winter ther are alot of different plants and trees.

Just a few figures: 60 trees (most of them are old and big), 300 mtr. buxus hedges, 10 fruitrees, 50 shrubs, etc. There is also a big peaved paking and 800 m2 grass.

At the back and southpart of the house are terrasses, with borders and flowers.

Most of my weekends i spend in my garden, not only because i have to, but also because i love it.

This time of the year (spring) i like most. Blossom in the trees, young fresh apple-green leaves, flowers etc.

There are also various insects and birds.

After preparing the garden for winter (november/december) i start with the grass in februari/march.
I wrote about that already.

So now i’m busy with the borders and hedges and keep it free of weeds.

After easter i will plant one year flowers in pots.

Few of my lovely flowers:

I propose to make pics every week from the same point, so you can see how fast it goes.

Soon i will write you about the buxus hedges.

Hope you like!

I love my garden


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