De data asta merg la Paris; am castigat biletele de la
Detalii aici!
Multumesc! 😉


Guest post by Marco

Where to start ?
Paris, a city that opens everyones imagination.
A city that have it all… and more.
This time i don’t tell you about all the wellknowen buildings, museum etc.
But we go for more.

As users of iYli’s blog i asume we are readers and writers, and that’s why i choose to take you with me at the borders of the saine in the centre of Paris.
From many many years here we found the book-market.
For hundreds of meters are little little wooden stalls, with all kind of books most of the books is second-hand.

Anyway for the real lover it is an Eldorado. The place to be.

Now we are in Paris, and along the Saine, it is a little step to jump on one of the many boats, to make a trip, and have a look at paris from the water.

Of course we can’t miss the Tour-Eiffel and many other interesting buildings.

After an hour we are back, and put ourselfs down in an easy chair of one of the many terrasses at the border of the Saine.
And when the night falls and other Paris wakes up, (talking about more !)

Maybe i tell you another time about that.

Au revoir!

Another name for Paris


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