Guest post by Marco


Feel nervouse, waiting ……………, i hate waiting (i think)
I think it’s better not to think.
Do you think so too ?

Or do you think that i’m creazy ?
Have an app. at eleven with the director of P & O (Personal & Organisation) about my proposal.
Feel strange, even the caffé don’t taste.
Anyway, wíll see what happends.
Feel like i can hit everyone who don’t agree.
Aahhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s stupid !!
So i’m not only creazy, i’m stupid too.
Maybe that’s the key.
If you were boss, and had an employer who’s stupid and creazy and wants to quit. Would you keep him ??
Hahahahahah, So, i’m good !
Btw that P&O dir. is a woman, pfffffffffffffffffffffff…problems again.
If i were her, i would never let such a handsome guy leave the company.
T t t t t t t t t t t t. Must be a big dilemma for her.
Wish me luck!!


T t t t t t t t t t t


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