Guest post by Marco

Just by coïncidence today i was in Rotterdam for a quick business.
I noticed a lot of activities in the city, because of the fact that today 69 years ago, the germans bombed the heart out-of the city.
If you look at the pic’s i made today, you can see that the heart of the city is new and modern, because nothing, exept the Townhall and the Postoffice.
Rotterdam is a city seperate by the river “de Maas”.
The north was always the heart of the city, but the last 10 years they start to built and rebuilt a new centre at the south.
Anyway on my quick and short visit today i made a few pics to give you a short impression.
Next time i will tell you more about Rotterdam, it has many faces.

The city-hall at the Coolsingel, one of the two buildings that servived the bombing
You can see that besides the other building at the right (the post office) all is new and modern.

The garden

Rotterdam May 1940 / May 2009


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