Guest post by Marco

Writing about this subject is very divers, but as a start i will tell you some about tolerance.
For me (no homosexual) it is difficult to write about cz. i have nothing with or against them, as long as they don’t make me trouble.
Anyway, in Holland there is a big gay-cene. and the dutch tolerate them.
There are a lot of public places where they meet each-other and make love on their way. So, if none who don’t want to see them, you avoid these places and so far so good.
But… because we have a lot of other people here from foreign countries specially the people from Moslim countries there are often big fights between them. For example in Rotterdam only 40 % of the inhabitants are not dutch.
So in the big cities the tolerance against homo sexuals is getting lower.
We have in our gouvernement a minister for Homo-Emancipation and they made a study about all the subjects.
In this short introduction it goes too far to name all these items, but in the next articles i will write about the items from this nota, and how our gouvernement want to regulate a safe soceity for being gay in Holland.

Fotografiile sunt de la Parada gay din Amsterdam, 2008.

Being Gay in Holland


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