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A few weeks ago i found an instant bbq in the supermarket.
To be honest, i was a little septic about how and if it will work, but, it looks good, and so i bought one to try.
It was just a box made of aluminium with a few holes in it and was filled with real charcoal and some that made it burn.

It was packed in plastic so, no smell. Anyway i removed the plastic and than a match on it and it got burned.
I placed the box on the steel table at the “aliënplace” and went in the kitchen to prepare the meat and a salad, also baked bread.

After 10 minutes i already noticed the great smell of charcoal (is so much better bbq than elketric or gass). Anyway after 20 minutes it became to glow, so time to put the meat on it. In the meantime i start with a red wine and some bread and salad, was a pity that i had to wait another 20 minutes till the meat (chicken) was ok.
bbq 3


When the meat was on the bbq. i also put some herbs on it for better taste and aroma. After all i must say, that when you are alone (or with two) an instant box bbq is a great solution. After use when the fire and heat is out you just put it at the carbage, (simplu).
Next time when i will be in that store i will buy a few.

Bon apetite!

bbq 7

Instant BBQ


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