Guest post by Marco

Fairy-tales or reality ?
Who knows.
Well, i know, so listen and i can asure you that besides a sexy and lovin partner, there are several kinds of food that will stimulate your libido, and you can reach the stars.


And even when it sounds contradictory, for men it realy helps to eat bananas.
Because bananas contain the enzyme “bromelain”withch increase the men’s sexdrive.

A feast for both (and not only because of the great taste) is to eat Oysters. Oysters are full of the enzyme named dopamine, and dopamine will bring both to places you only dreamed of.

bananen oester

Eating Avocados have the same effect, and as a plus it also increase the hormone produktion of the man.


To enjoy all the advantages of all this it’s also necessary to eat some dark chocolat and ginger as a dessert.
These will increase longer and more intens sexual activities, by sending signals to our brain.

chocolade  gember

Anyway, if you believe it or not, you can always try it and when it works, it will give you great pleasure.

Btw. take good care; you need a partner! 😉
So if you eat some of these by accident when you are alone, and you feel something coming up, drink water as much as you can, look for a quiet corner in the house, put out the lights and wait till it’s over.

Bon apetite and much pleasure!!! 😀

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