Guest post by Marco

Yes, that sounds weard, but that’s what happend.
My friend told me about the festival in Vama Veche and that she will be there for three days and not to forget the nights.
I’m fond of music ( almost all kinds) and Folk Music has something special.
In Holland we don’t have such a great history and culture in Folk music.
What we know here about Romanian Folk Music is that all Romanian play and sing it and that they are very proud about that tradition, not just the music, but also a kind of poetry.
My friend showed me the list of artists at Folk You, and of course i knew none of them except “Gheorghe Zamfir” and i was surprised cz i had no clue that Zamfir was a Romanion Folk Music player.
I only knew him as the Pan-Flute player in shows that i saw on tv in my childhood…. and later from soundtracks in American-movies.
Anyway, i searched on the internet to listen songs of the performers from the list and started to love the music, even when i didn’t understand the lyrics.
But it felt good, and i started to play this music on guitar myself. or played together with the records.
Anyway the whole atmosphere about the festival, the way people behaved, singing etc is very differnt from the musicfestivals we have here in Holland.
It’s hard to explain but i think it’s because we dont have history in real folkmusic and poetry.
Anyway, i was touched by what i heard by the phone, excitement and great music.
Must have been a great experiance to be a part of it.

#Folk You – by Phone


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