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Most of the dutch will remember Zamfir from the eighties when he was very populair here. He made his perfomences in all the big television shows as “The Master of the Pan-Flute”.
None of the dutch realised that Zamfir came from Romania and that his roots are Folkmusic, cz. here we know him from populair melodies that he played with all big orchestres all-over the world and of course as the soudtrack-player of many Hollywood Movies.
None of the dutch have any assisiation with the Pan-Flute and Romania. We only know the Pan-flute as the instrument from some countries in the south of America (like Peru and Bolivia).
Anyway, the last 10 years we dont hear much about him, exept his music. He made so many records. He selled Milions of them and he lived in the west for many years, so the Dutch also think that he must be very rich.
So, the conclusion is; that we know less about him. It’s just his misic that we love so much, For most of the Dutch it will be a big surprise to hear that Gheorghe Zamfir is Romanian.

Gheorghe Zamfir – and what the dutch know about him


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