From tradition dutch food was based on the agriculture and cattle-breeding history of Holland. The meals can be different from some parts of Holland, but there are some typical products.
The meals were simple but nutritious and adjust to the heavy fysical work in that time.

Guest post by Marco

Beacause of our sailers tradition ( we had colonies in many parts of the world) there was also an influence from what they brought from these countries.
For example: we have a long tradition here from Indonesion food and from Suriname.
We have also a tradition of traveling, so these days we have a mixture from all, and in the shops you can buy food from all over the world.

Anyway, back to where it’s all about, the traditional dutch kitchen.
A traditional dutch meal exists always from a combination of potatoes, vegetables and meat.
Sometimes we eat it as hotchpotch or as a dinnersoup.

In Holland the warm-meal moved to the evening (18.00 h.) and we name it evening-meal.
In the east part of Holland the warm meal was traditional at noon, to get energy for the heavy work in the afternoon. But also there, the industry took over the agriculture and they also have lunch at noon. Lunch in Holland is based on bread with butter and cheese.

But many dutch people still love the old traditional meals, specialy the hotchpotch, like:

Boerenkool met worst – Curly kale with sausage

boerenkool met worst

Hachee met Leidse hustpot – Hashed meat with mish mash


Stamppot met braadworst – Hotchpotch with baked sausage

stamppot met braadworst

Zuurkoolschotel met worst en spek – Sauerkraut with sausage and bacon


Or the traditional Soups, like:

Groentesoep met gehaktballetjes -Vegetable-soup with small meatbals


Ossestaartsoep – Oxtail-soup


Erwtensoep – Pea-soup


All these meals and soups we still make them in winter, so i think it’s a good idea to give you the recipes, and hope you will try to make them.

Traditional Dutch Food


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