Drinking alcohol by teenagers is nothing new, but the last years a bad new trend of drinking started in Holland and i quess not only here.
Teeenagers, also the very young (12 years) start to drink more and more.

Guest post by Marco

It starts from school and new friends a new invironment, so if you want to be part of it alot of things will change, not only drinking alcohol. And if you dont you are out. So the party’s will start.
Because the drinks in cafe’s and bars are very expencive they start the party at home to have drinks for free, and after that they go out to a bar or dancing.
The abuse of alcohol in these groups is growing exceptional. Many of them ended in hospital with alcohol-poisoning or worse they get in Coma.
They don’t realise that from that moment they are in real mortal danger, and some of them will not servive. Fact is that even when you servive the poisoning always leads to permament dammage of parts in our brains. Just when the brains at this adge are in an important stage of devellopment.
This year in Holland were about 500 teenagers in Hospital with alcohol poisoning. 200 of them had to stay in hospital for treatment and another 50 were in Coma and needed Intensive-Care.
So it is a big and growing problem.
Because of this, politics in Holland will try to do something about this by prohibition of alcohol under the adge of 18.
We have already a law not to sell alcohol in shops and supermarkets under the adge of 16. But…i dont think that will be the solution.
Education and information about the risc at schools etc will do better. Show them in hard words and hard immages what alcohol does with your body, your brains and your behaviour.
The same kind of campaign we had here years ago against smoking. Finaly that was successful. Getting drunk is the incapacity of our body to neutralyze alcohol. Our body needs one and a halve our to neutralyze the alcohol of one glass (ca. 10 ml.) So, that means it takes six hours to neutralize the alcohol of four glasses. So if we drink more, we start poisoning our body.
Importand to know is also that this proces takes alot of water, and that’s the mainreason of headache (the next morning).
So drinking water in between will help.
So think about this when you go to party, you don’t need to get drunk to enjoy.
Use your brains (now you still can).

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Coma drinking


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