Many people believe that the history of a house and the people who lived in that house, are still present.
There are lots of stories from people who saw shadows moving through walls and closed doors or strange noises during the dark hours.
Most of the time these things happend in old houses, special when they have a history from people who died in that house, some under mysterious conditions.

Guest post by Marco

When i bought the house i live in now, also a very old house ( built in 1762) my mother warned me, first to take care about the history, who lived there and who died there.

I just laught about that cz. i’m realistic.

Anyway i never checked the history of the house and the people who lived in.

I always told myself that real believe is believe in something that you can’t prove, i mean the believe in God for example.

Some times you read a story about the appearance of people that died, at their relatives. Or that they had a dream, and in that dream they had a talk with them.

It’s all mistery. But,.. writing this i remember me from childhood that (we lived in an apartmentbuilding in Rotterdam, and suddenly the frame of a painting fall down from the wall – cz. of a broken cord).

And my mother scared, and said oh my God, someone close will die.

And that same night we got a message that the husband of my mother’s sister died in a car-accident.

Anyway, my mother believed in these marks, and learned us that coïncedence doesn’t exists.

So, reason enought to start with looking after the history of my house.

And to be honest, in the begin lots of things in the house were scaring.
Noises, cracking, the wind etc. but after a while you get used to that, and it sounds familiar.

Even when i have a strong imagination and the need to understand and to explain i never felt uncomfortable in my house.

Anyway, sofar i have myself under control not to think further, cz. when you do i think you get crazy. I realy believe in some that brought us here, that our souls will never die, so maybe it’s true that if you open your mind and soul, that you can contact the souls from them who died, and that it is an explanation of what
people call “ghost-houses” souls that couldn’t find the rest and still appear looking for the truth.

So, i think that if you will believe in it, you will find it.

Like in a dream, you can experience the things you want very much, or other souls, souls from dead people appear, to tell their story.

It’s strange, not one day passed that i don’t think of my father, but i never met him in my dreams. I truly believe that’s cz. he died in peace, and i was there and let him go.

So, the restless souls can take over the places where they lived and died, or take over the souls of the people who harmed them, cz. things were not finished.

And maybe that is what we call “The Spirit From Houses”.

Spirits from houses


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