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It’s friday-evening 2 April and is the evening of X-Factor the last selection for the live-shows.

Guest post by Marco

The categories Men 15-25 and Women >26 have their last chance to sing themselfs into the live-shows.

Men 15-25 could choose one song and made the performence in a nice location, small with just a guitar, keyboard and drums.
From the 5, just 3 can go on to the live-shows.
Anyway the best 3 are: Jaap, Kelvin and Mathijs.
In my opinion Jaap have the best chances in the live-shows.

The category > 26 are 4 women and,……my “big” favorite Donny.
They made their performence on a big stage with a live-band.
Ofcourse Donny goes on. He was realy the very-best.
Sarina (she 36 but very beautiful) an Janka (she’s 28 and a little wild).
Anyway they are the best, and deserve their place in the live-shows.

So next friday we will start the live-shows on television with 12 acts in 4 categories.
In every live show one of them will send home, till 3 are left for the big finale.

So… till next week!

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