In my memories from childhood, easter was just like Christmass, in the first place a religious event.

Guest post by Marco

At Easter-sunday we all went to church, and after that my mother laid the table with all kind of yellow
decorations and little chickens made of plush on the plates.
Than we had a late breakfast together.

Traditional Easter breakfast is ofcourse with boiled eggs (who we decorated the day before), fresh baked
bread and easterbread.
Easter-bread is homemade and is bread with rasins and nuts and in the middle filled with almond-paste. Yammy and sweet! 🙂

After that my mother played piano and i also remember that we (the children) got a chocolat chicken in a basket.
In rest we listen music from recordplayer (Matheus-Passion).
Later that day i made cut-outs from ships with my father, or we played with trains and cars.

On Easter-monday was nothing speciall.
Sometimes we visit family.
Most of the time my mother stayes home with my sister.

Now, 25 years later, a lott chanched.
People don’t go to church and go through these days just as free days and organize short holydays to amusement parcs etc. etc.

Anyway, even when it was sober, i still have good memories.

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Easter Memories


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