Yes, you have to eat, even when you are not in the mood, like me last night.
I decide to make some easy, that don’t take time.
So, boiled some potaoes for about 10 minutes, and in that 10 minutes i prepared the meatballs.

Minced meat from rind, mixed with salt, pepper, curry, an egg and breadcrumbs.

136-3683_IMG preparing meatballs

Than cut the potatoes in pices put a little paprika powder on it and bake the balls and the potatoes in butter for about 20 minutes.

136-3686_IMG ready to bake

Mix a little greensalad, pepper, tomatoes and olive oil.

136-3688_IMG bake the potatoes

136-3687_IMG bake the meatballs

Make a nice plate and put some peas on ot to complete.

136-3690_IMG bon apetite

Bon Apetite!

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You have to eat even when you are not in the mood


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