Today will show you how to prepare a real steak.

Well in the first place you must buy a good piece fillet-steak (the best part of a rind).

There are a few rules to keep:

1. never bake a steak streght from the fridge, but put it on a plate in the kitchen for at least 30 min.

2. never use a fork to handle it.

3. keep it in going in the pan.

4. add. salt / pepper and herbs when it’s almost done.

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Ok. put a little butter in the pan, heat it slowly and wait till it colours gold brown.
Use the spoons to put the steak in it and keep it going for halve a minute, than the other side for one minute
and turn again an bake for another halve minute.
Add. the salt, pepper and herbs. and it’s ready to serve.

Eat it with a little herb butter and fresh baked white bread.




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How to prepare a fillet-steak


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