For many people in Holland, Ascensionday is just a day off from work (like Christmass and Easter).
And because Ascensionday is always on a thursday, many will also take the friday as a free day, and will be 4 days free (incl. the weekend).

Anyway, for Christians this day means alot more than just a day-off.

Still more and more people want to know why, and what is the meaning of ascensionday.
What are we cellebrate or commemorate, and why it is always on a thursday ?

Well…….as you must know Easter is on e of the most important Christian events.
Christians celebrate that Jesus stand-up from death, just three days after been crucified.
Easter is always on sunday and monday.

40 days after Easter it is ascencionday.
Easter starts on a sunday, and the periode between Easter and Ascensionday is always 40 days.
So that’s why ascensionday is always on thursday.

Only the date changes every year. That has to do with the “liturgic-year”.

The liturgic year isn’t in line with our calendar-year.
10 days after ascensionday it’s whitsun, and than we commemorate the day that we received the Holy-Spirit.

Fact is that less than 20% of the dutch children have no idea about what i wrote above.
I’m curiouse about how it is in Romania.
In my opinion these knowledge is propotional to prosperity.

So pls. comment! 🙂

Ascensionday in Holland


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