Is already 7 years ago, but i still have good memories about my vacation in Greece.

Had a flyght from Amsterdam to Heraklion on Kreta.
Kreta is the largest island of Greece, and i warn you ! if you go, not in july or august.
Why ? cz it’s busy and very very hot (40 dgr.C)

Anyway cz i’m stubborn i went in july, hahaha.

So after landing in Heraklion (the biggest city of Kreta) 99.9 % of the passengers let them put in busses like cattle to go to their Hotels.
Told you before that i’m stubborn, so you already quess who was the missing 0,01%

Yes, I decided to stay one day in Heraklion. It’s a very nice and old city with many historical places to visit, and if you are interested in archeology you can visit the Archeologic Museum. (ofcourse i diddn’t).

So, at the end of the day i rent a car ( a Fiat Pandahahaha) and drove to Herssonisos where i plajarent a small appartement.

Anyway, if you like to laydown on the beach all day and get black, it is   the  place to be.
But….if you have no patiënce for that, and want to go out to see the great nature of Kreta it’s ok too.

I had in mind to drive around the island.

Hahahaha no-way!!!

In the first place because the island is approx. 250 x 40 km and the    roads  are very bad.
I also have to tell you that all the tourist places are along the coast and in the inland all mountains (2000mtr.) you find very small villages with no tourists.

You can drive there for hours and see noone. I made alot of little trips.

One trip i still remember. I wanted to see Matala. Matala is a village at the south of Kreta and was wellknowen by the hippies in the sixties. Even Bob Dylan was there. 😀

No no not when i was there, hahaha. Anyway a trip of 150 km but it costs me te whole day, but a veriyliy nice trip from north to south over the mountains (90% offroad).
Ahhhhhhhh, another warning; don’t go when you are on a diet ! The food is soooooo good you can’t resist and if you want to taste all, don’t rent a Fiat Pandahahaha.

Btw, the temp. in May on Kreta is 25-30 dgr.C. ! So, where’r you waiting for?!
Last warning: Don’t try the speciall Greece yoggurt with walnuts and honey!

Have fun!

Greece, i was there


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