In the weekend of whitsun i went to the campsite near Giethoorn with the caravan.

The weatherforcast was ok, so i looked forward to spend the weekend with my friends.
So after the last checks i drove from home to the campsite on thursday-evening.

It was almost dark when i arrived.
So i put the caravan on place, conected the electric and went to my friends, who were already there, where they welcome me with a good wine.

We talked till midnight and than we all went to bed.
The next morning i woke up early, it was already very nice and sunny outside.
So i went to the sanitairy-building for a shower put on a t-shirt, short trousers and start to make a strong caffé and a sandwich.
It was still very quiet at the caravans of my friends.

Later we had caffé again together and we all went on the bike to Zwartsluis to do some shopping for dinner that night.
It was a relaxing day. We sit in a lazy chair had some snacks, read a book and good glass of wine.
We decide to eat asperagus with porc and baked potatoes.

I coocked the small potatoes for a few minutes and my friend baked the meat, coocked eggs and another made the table and cut fresh fruit. It was still great weather so we had dinner outside.
We opened a pinot-gris and start dinner. As dessert we had fresh fruit.

Later that night we had caffé and we talked about what to do the next day.
We decide to go for a tour by bike, and a fish-bbq in the evening.
We made a list what to buy, and had a wine before we went to bed.

More later !!



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