The results of the games on saterday were not a real surprise;

England – USA 1-1
Agentina – Nigeria 1-0
S.Korea – Greece 2-0

Today (sunday 13e june) there are again 3 on the programm.
Algeria against Slovenia, Servia against Ghana and Germany against Australia.

My prognose for these games are:

Slovenia will beat Algeria, Ghana will beat Servia and Germany will beat Australia.
The games start at 13.30, 16.00 and 20.30

Here in Holland we have already the “Orange-Feefer”.
That means all over the country houses, streets, cars. etc are decorate with all kind of things in orange colour.

And tomorrow at 13.30 we play the first game.
Many people (25%) took a day off and in many companies people can watch tv.
So from 13.30 economy will be down.

Today the dutch team have a training in soccer stadion, the stadion where they play tomorrow.

Yesterday was a good day for the dutch team, cz. one of our “star players” Robben landed in South-Africa and is part of the team.
He stayed in Holland cz. he had problems with his Hamstrings.

Intensive treatment was successful. He will not play tomorrow, but we all hope he can play the 19e when we play against Japan.

More later.

W.C. Football South Africa: 04


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