After The Badboyz found their waterloo in the last liveshow we started friday 28e May with the semi-Final with the last four compatiters Dony, Maaike, Jaap and Kelvin.

In the semi-Finale they sing one song, and after that the public can vote and the one with less votes is out.
Than the last three have to do another song, and again the public have to vote, so at the end of that there are just two compaptiters left for the big Finale on saterday-night.

After the first voting Dony had to leave, and after the second voting Kelvin.
Ofcourse it was a hard decision for all.
They all made it so far in this competition.
But…to be honest, it will be a great and exciting finale.

On saterday-night Maaike and Jaap do 5 songs with a live band.
The last song is the same for both, and will be the winning song for one of them, and the first record.
They made it a great show and finaly.

At the end of the show the public had to vote again………………
49% Maaike, and 51% Jaap.!!!

So the winner of X-Factor 2010 is, Jaap.!!
He has a record/contract and invitations to sing in big shows and at the end he also got a brand-new car.

The winning song: Don’t stop believin’

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X-Factor Finale – 2010


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