In the back of my garden i have 35 mtrs of firethorns, very decorative, but also a lott of work to keep them in shape.
I cut them in blocks.
So two times a year ( in mai/june and oktober) i have to cut them.
And now we come to my problem, cz. last oktober i didn’t cut them (bad weather, no time etc.) you knowgradina all the excuses you can give.
Anyway, fact is that nature didn’t wait me, and you can see what the result is.

It’s a big wilderness and i realy don’t know how or where to start.

So finally i took all my courage and gatherd my tools. I used a big motor hedge-cutter and some hand tools to cut the thickets branches.
During cutting i decide to make some small blockt into one big block and between other blocks i found back the gardenlights, was a real problem to make them free.

Anyhow, i’m glad i finally did it and tomorrow i will go on to clean from all the braches.

I also promised myself never to wait a year, but to cut them again in oktober.

Nature and firethorns


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